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Learn the Secrets to Elevating Your Tradeshows to the Next Level

Morgan Kirk

Imagine starting with a blank slate, a vacant exhibit hall, or a conference space as your clean canvas. Like an empty page filled without words, you could stare at it for a while and then fill it with uninteresting facts, or instead, you could fill it with exciting information and graphics that light up the page and stir the imagination.

Tradeshows and conferences are much the same. Executed the identical way, year after year, they can be humdrum. Or instead, they can thrill an audience with new experiences to highlight every element of your convention.

Increase attendance and keep your customers and colleagues talking about your event long afterwards by following these secrets to elevating your tradeshows to the next level:

Elevate the air of anticipation for each speaker and presentation. Install the perfect combination of audio visual multimedia. The magic of customizable high quality AV, lighting, and set design, brings sizzle to any event.

Elevate the environment of your conference space. In-stock set rentals create the stage for your event to unfold. Ensure that each guest in attendance will take away an unforgettable experience. Partner with an event production team with decades of set design experience to apply the know-how that transforms your raw ideas and visions into reality. Fill that blank space with an environment that captivates your audience.

Elevate your speakers and presenters to highlight their every word. Audio rental solutions are made to fit seamlessly within the parameters of your space and set design. Only the best-in-class equipment delivers crystal-clear sound for your presenters, panel discussions, and keynote speakers. Smooth integration of sound levels between live speakers and projected media keep guests on message. Add to the mix state-of-the-art lighting, and any drab conference space becomes a new, inviting experience that makes the story of your event unfold.

Elevate the coverage of your live event. Cutting-edge webcasting and up-to-the-minute broadcasting is nothing without knowledgeable personnel behind the cameras. The key to successful event production is hiring a video production team that covers your convention by doing all the behind-the-scenes legwork so that you don’t have to.  

Elevate your trust in your production service provider. Technology and design mastery are nothing without confidence in your event specialists.

Enjoy a rare kind of peace of mind with the concrete proof that MSI’s design and technology eliminates the stress of event planning:

• Over 60 years of event production experience means that you can leave the event execution to MSI and turn your attention to more important matters leading up to your tradeshow or convention.

• Our inventory includes over 300,000 square feet of customizable backdrop and stage rentals to play with your ideas and turn them into reality

• Servicing over 3,000 events to date, and amassing an amazing 96% repeat customer rate, demonstrates MSI’s reliability

Our successful event design goes far beyond statistics. Every brand has a story, and how that story is told, matters. We get to the heart of the story you want to tell. No vision is too lofty to consider. Just look at these examples.

With skill and creativity, we develop enhanced content to gain improved message retention. Your company reaps measurable results with increased publicity, attendee loyalty, and stakeholder support.

At 35% savings for every item we rent over our west coast competitors, together with freight that is delivered at half the price compared to our competition, expect to save money while we fulfill your event production dreams.

The final secret to elevating your tradeshow to greater heights is relying on only one event production company to accomplish all the legwork for you. No more reaching out to several companies to piece together disparate equipment and inadequate communication. Turn to just one event production company—Media Solutions, Inc.—to achieve unforgettable memories for your event. Request more information at 559-346-1020.

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