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Explore Ideas for Using Cutting-Edge Audio Visual Tech at Your Next Corporate Event

Shel Moore

The success of your business event ultimately lies on the effectiveness of your communication. Delivering your message by relying on audio or written communication alone can muddle the understanding. For measurable results from your conference, tradeshow, and business meetings combine audio and visual learning modalities into one immersive, interactive experience.

Take advantage of combining audio and visual technology to deliver your message, establish branding, and create lasting memories of your event. When you rely on state-of-the-art audio visual tech, you’ll experience:

• Better retention—Research performed by the U.S. Department of Labor OSHA Office of Training and Education proved that when information is delivered using both audio and visual means, information is retained six times better than when the same info is conveyed verbally alone. When your guests enter an environment filled with sight and sound, they are primed to take it all in and commit the experience to memory.

• Crystal clear clarity—There is no mistaking the emotions and mood with audio visual media. Your audience picks up on subtle inflections within the tone of a voice, the nonverbal cues of facial expressions, the colors and smooth transitions between subjects. Audio visual media provide a high-fidelity representation of the concepts presented.

• Speed of effectiveness—Cutting edge AV tech dispatches your message efficiently across multiple platforms using video production for live event coverage. Witness the entertainment value of audio visual magic--The quick delivery of your message, without any effort on the part of your audience, primes your audience to be open and receptive to your message.

• Increased engagement—Annihilate boredom. The mix of media invites participants to remain attentive and breaks the monotony of a static exhibit hall or employee workshop spaces. Audio visual technology provides a picture to empty words and transforms a message into storytelling.

To add dynamics to your next expo, employee training, and awards presentation, audio visual elements are the key. Transform your corporate gathering into an event that breaks previous attendance records. Our MSI AV specialists offer proven ideas for incorporating AV tech into your upcoming event:

• Display high-quality video walls in lobbies and reception areas to present a special message, promote a brand, and solidify your reputation. Large, outdoor walls or projection mapping can serve to set the scene for upcoming presentations by displaying previews.

• Enable audio visual conferencing systems to bring groups together that are many miles apart, broadcast a live keynote speech to those in attendance, or beam the live presentation via webcast to those who are not in attendance.

• Get creative with audio visual elements to enhance participation at panel sessions, employee trainings, and exhibit hall demos reinforces learning and encourages communication. Display the on-stage happenings larger than life to enable those in the back of the hall to get absorbed in the happenings as much as those with the front-row seat. Are you looking for ways to raise your next corporate event to an entirely new level? Our in-house design experts customize the experience for your attendees to suit your vision and your budget. With the experience of over 3,000 events, trust MSI to exceed your expectations. Give us a call at 559-346-1020 and see your extraordinary corporate event take shape.

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