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Craft the Perfect Environment for Tradeshows and
Conventions with MSI’s Expertise

The moment your guests walk through the doors of your tradeshow, they enter a new world, a new experience, where your brand can shine. The look of excited anticipation and amazement washes over their faces. Every element ties together seamlessly—keynote speakers, panel discussions, exhibits, and audio visual multimedia. Creating this atmosphere to encourage networking, sales, and learning is fundamental to the success of your event.

We recognize that the theme and purpose of tradeshows and conventions must be front-and-center for your guests, customers, and colleagues. Imagine how the perfect unique scenic environment sets the stage for every presentation that unfolds. Imagine how the perfect lighting showcases each exhibit and demonstration. Imagine the perfect balance of sound to draw attention to your brand while allowing for easy communication on the convention floor.

We collaborate with your team to relieve the associated stress. Save 35% on audio visual equipment, tech support, and much more!

Here at MSI, we recognize that every brand, has a story…how that story is told, matters. That’s where we come in. It’s one thing to have a vision, but in order to nail it, we listen intently to be responsive. Trade show management requires the mastery of many moving parts. We collaborate with your team to relieve the associated stress. Save 35% on audio visual equipment, tech support, and much more!

There are so many moving parts to putting on a convention or tradeshow event. We work hard from the start to prepare, and we relish every moment. From the outset, our experienced event specialists meet with you to understand the vision of your event. This initial discussion goes far beyond ascertaining the size and scope of your tradeshow or convention. We apply our 60+ years of collective experience to ensure your visions and goals come to fruition. Then, when it’s show time, it’s turnkey.

Count on our extensive inventory of AV equipment rentals to fulfill your imagination. We even have the personnel and equipment to execute live event coverage (webcasting) expertly. We go to work to meet your logistics deadlines for set-up, on-site operation, and breakdown, leaving you and your audience to enjoy the magic of your tradeshow or exposition. MSI is proud to be one of the few companies that own trucks and trailers—because of this advantage, our overall freight rates are some 50% below what our competitors charge!

Allow us to tell your story. Collaborate with us to create the perfect environment that fosters success and meaningful content for your tradeshow and convention. Our consultants are at the ready to lay the groundwork for an effective event outcome. Contact us to lay the groundwork for your next big tradeshow.


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