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Become a Mentor and Cement Your Reputation as a Corporate Event Professional.

Shel Moore

Mentoring within your company ensures its legacy, and your own legacy. By sharing your secrets of success with audio visual equipment rental, staging design, and support, your reputation continues to shine at your business meetings, tradeshows, conferences, and expos.

As a mentor, you have gifts to share. The unexpected surprise is that you’ll receive valuable gifts in return:

• Productive employees—As you share your knowledge of how to avoid the landmines of corporate event planning, your staff can take on greater tasks and move at a clip to complete your agenda without hiccups. MSI takes the stress out of inventing the design components. We follow through from your initial instructions to the completion of your event. Everything is in-house, from video production and projection, to live event coverage, to the most crystal clear audio enhancements, to dazzling lighting and scenic equipment.  We’re your secret to easeful equipment rental with the expertise of building creative design elements, delivery, setup, and technical on-site operation.

Solidify your customer service blueprint—Sharing your knowledge is infectious. Word spreads throughout your organization. What started as a one-on-one lesson to a fortunate employee becomes common knowledge. Allowing your secret of superior equipment design and rental from MSI to permeate your workplace guarantees that your clients receive consistently excellent results, thus enhancing your reputation.

Enable employees to see their own gifts—Helping an employee navigate the world of corporate event planning and execution teaches them valuable lessons that they can take with them as they forge along their career path, and as they forge along the path of life. You are not only sharing your secrets of smoothly executed fundraising events, corporate meetings, tradeshows and conventions—You are sharing your joy and encouragement to the next generation of successful corporate event planners.  

• See your own gifts—Teach others, and you fortify your knowledge base to better yourself. When you share the steps to successful AV event management, you clarify your procedures to make them easier to explain to others. Reviewing your own steps to success in meeting, convention, tradeshow, and special event planning and execution provides you the perspective to see how far you’ve come with MSI as your partner.

Learn something new—Your employees have questions, and you may not have all the answers. Call upon the experts in event production to fill in the gaps. The MSI team is up on the latest innovations in event design, technology, and support. We’re happy to meet and discuss our secrets for elevating your corporate meetings and events: Discover how we adhere to your budget while providing the most comprehensive business meeting staging and AV support.

Stay on top of your game and help your career along. Be seen as an indispensable employee at your organization. Share your secrets and make your company’s productivity and reputation unstoppable. Become a mentor and cement your legacy. Start by partnering with MSI Media Solutions and learn the secrets of audio visual equipment rental, design, staging, and tech support. We’re just a phone call away at (559) 346-1020.

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