A recent study found that 84% of corporations believe events are “very important/critical” or “important” to their organizations. 92% found that experiential marketing builds brand awareness and brand relationships.
Source: EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING, A practical guide to interactive brand experiences, Shaz Smilansky, 2009

All you want is for your corporate events to be perfect. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Actually, no, it isn’t. That’s why we’re here; it’s what MSI does.

But, why should you choose us? Aren’t all the firms that provide corporate event services pretty much the same?

Well, yes, on the surface they are because we all offer relatively similar services within a fairly narrow price range.

So, what’s the differentiator? How do you choose the “right” event production company?

We think there are three areas where we stand out. The first is that in the 60+ years of experience we bring to the table we have taken to heart that before anyone does anything we have to really listen and communicate with our clients. We believe it is imperative that we have a deep understanding of exactly what you want … what your vision is for the event.

There is only one way we can stay within your budget while at the same time providing you with an event plan that both meets your criteria and also has the “Wow!” factor you are looking for. It is for us to only suggest those design and sound and visual elements that directly support achieving your goals for the event. No budget-busting fluff or off-target suggestions. And, we can’t do that unless we are of a single mind with you.

This leads to the second differentiator: creativity. Of course, every event planning company claims they are creative, but how many of them are managed by someone who in their formative years religiously bought, read and collected Mad Magazine comics? Trust me, when faced with a daunting creative challenge, we have the unique ability to think waaaay out of the box and still provide an elegant, practical and cost effective solution. We invite you to peruse our client testimonials because we’re proud of our creativity.

Finally, the third differentiator is that we really sweat the details and do what we say we’ll do. This is where getting our hands dirty, evidencing character and earning your trust shows up. This differentiator is the one that reduces your anxiety, lowers your stress, increases your confidence that everything will come together on time, on budget, and that the final outcome will be a smashing success. And it will be.

Give us a call. We’re really looking forward to hearing about what you have in mind.