Studies show that when you hear information, you’ll remember just 10% of it after 3 days. When exposed to information in a visual form only, you’ll remember 35% of it after 3 days. But combine visual and audio and the amount of information you remember shoots up to 65%

There are two forms of event production for tradeshows, exhibitions or expos. The first is the tradeshow itself, where the entire event is the stage. Accordingly, sound, lighting, décor and staging is designed to entertain and educate all of the tradeshow’s attendees.

Trade show lighting is a particularly crucial element in creating an exciting experience for the show’s attendees. It’s a matter of clever design. Colors, LEDs, strobes and lasers, spots and floods and area lighting … there are lots of opportunities to dramatically improve the look of the boring “concrete barn” interior of many tradeshow venues.

The second form of tradeshow production is where an individual industry participant wants to differentiate their exhibit from the many others positioned in close proximity.

In the typical tradeshow people walk down aisles separating the show’s exhibitors. In this setting the real challenge is to get noticed … creating an eye-catching exhibit that effectively captures the bystander’s attention.

Then, the task becomes holding the visitor’s attention long enough so they become engaged and eventually inquire or ask the exhibitor’s personnel a question. The ensuing conversation, whether conducted in the front of the exhibit or in an enclosed booth, is important because it is the first step to a possible sale.

The potential for success during this one-on-one opportunity is made more likely by enhancing the environment where the meeting will occur. Then, by employing state of the art audio and visual aids the exhibitor can effectively communicate the advantages of their products or services.

We are proud to offer a complete range of lighting, décor, audio and visual enhancements to make your booth or exhibit the hit of the show.

Tradeshows are exactly the sort of special event challenges MSI enjoys and at which we excel. Give us a call. Let’s talk about how your upcoming tradeshow can be the most successful ever.