When the sound was removed from slot machines in Las Vegas, revenue fell by 24%. Studies on music in restaurants show that without music, customers eat less and do not stay around! 94% of primetime ads use music to engage the audience.
Source: Fast Company 2010; A Content Analysis of Music Placement in Prime-Time Television Advertising 2008

Have something different in mind? Translating your vision into a stunning and memorable reality is exactly what our creative and experienced team is about.

World class special event production is an art and MSI’s leading-edge technology and expertise provides lighting, audio video solutions and visual experiences that redefine what’s possible.

Special events are just that: special. A fundraising event for a new exhibit at the municipal zoo is fundamentally different than a 30 year reunion of the players from a college championship team. For the event to be wildly successful it is important to mix a solid dose of creativity – while still staying true to the basics – into the event’s design and staging.

For example, to provide a “Wow!” factor for one of her special events Tina Moran, owner of Oh So Swank in Fresno, CA envisioned a 55 foot long chandelier draped with 1000 hanging crystals floating above the audience. This is not exactly something found in any lighting fixture catalog, so MSI’s creative team got to work. When she saw the finished chandelier, Tina described it as “breathtaking!”

We followed this up by combining complimentary color selection, décor, lighting, music and accompanying visuals with the chandelier. The completed effect transported the audience right into the event planner’s vision.

MSI’s creative team is second to none. So, when you decide to plan a gala celebration commemorating, for example, the 20th anniversary of your town and a number of its citizens appearing as extras in the movie, “Forrest Gump,” give us a call.

We really enjoy getting involved with special events and the innovative design and audio visual challenges they always present. You’ll love the result.