83% of what we learn is visual. When events do not have visual presentations accompanying the speaker, the message is lost.
Source: O’Neill, Do’s and don’ts for the new trainer, 1998

All our clients want their event to be a smashing success. Achieving an optimal balance of lighting, audio visual services and special effects is how MSI accurately captures the event planner’s vision.

Much more than a run-of-the-mill audio visual company, MSI creates unique event environments that transcend the audience’s expectations.

Think of a major Broadway play where individual components – set design, lighting, color choices and decorations – are blended together to create a stunning environment for the theatre goers to experience.

It’s the same for your event. The attendees walk into the room and you see the looks of surprise and delight as they take their seats. So far, so good. A solid first impression has been formed.

Now the challenge is to not just maintain the audience’s interest, but to engage, educate and entertain them. This is where MSI’s audio visual services expertise comes into play.

Providing crisp, clear sound to every corner of the venue, with no echoes, reverberation, static or feedback is a combination of technology and art. The shape of the room, its dimensions and wall/ceiling surfaces must all be considered and balanced by placing the right speakers in the right locations. Outdoor locations can present even more obstacles to good sound quality.

Next is the challenge of providing clear visuals for each member of the audience. How the visuals will be clearly projected, upon what surface(s), taking into consideration the format, distances and sight angles is also a mixture of artistic creativity and technology.

Audio visual services are the basic blocking and tackling of event production. They’ve got to be right. Over the past ten years we’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money ensuring we can deliver these most basic features at the highest possible level.

Combing these capabilities with MSI’s creativeness is how we consistently produce exceptional, on time, on budget productions that contain a big dose of “Wow!” This is our commitment to every client.