The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. In memory tests where people are shown hundreds of photos, they can remember 90% three days later. They can remember 63% even AFTER A YEAR!
Source: Medina 2012

In its most basic form, event video production simply provides imagery to the attendees. But, if you’re coming to MSI for event video you’ve set the bar a lot higher than that. Of course, you’re looking for imagery to augment the audio aspects of the event, but that’s just the beginning.

By taking advantage of today’s technology we can enhance the audience’s visual experience with broadcast quality cameras and projection options that range from simple 6 foot stand- alone fixtures to large, multiple high definition screens suitable for huge venues. Blended with crisp audio and artistic elements such as imaginative composition, inventiveness and pacing, the audience’s visual experience will be both effective and memorable.

MSI’s video expertise means your event’s attendees will see a smooth, seamless transition with no interruptions when, for example, the speaker cuts away from a video and then moves onto a Power Point slide. Or, when a given visual must be cued in at a specific point.

Video production shares an important similarity with theater and concert lighting. All three begin with a plan. If MSI is providing video services for your event this is the first conversation we will have. What would an ideal video presentation look like? What would it contain? What story or narrative do you want the video and accompanying audio to tell?

Once we know what your vision is a plan is created. That is followed by one or more rehearsal run-throughs. At that point we are ready to go “live.”

Successful event visuals blend video technology and exemplary real time production with an artistic flair. Tell us how you would like to capture your audience with compelling video and we’ll give you our thoughts about how MSI can turn those ideas into reality.