Tips for Hosting a Great Summer Party in Fresno

tips for hosting a great summer party in fresnoSchool is out and summertime has gotten off to a great start. Temperatures have already hit triple digits, but I can assure you that Starbucks has the coldest air conditioning in town if you’re secretly wishing you were in Alaska. You’ve probably already attended a graduation party or two, or perhaps you’re starting to plan your own events. If you’re looking for tips for hosting a great summer party in Fresno, here’s a list to start:

Tips for Hosting a Great Summer Party in Fresno

Focus on Comfort – It’s really hot in Fresno and there’s almost nothing worse than being stuck at an outdoor party with no relief from the heat. Fans, misters, canopies, and pools are all “cool” ideas.

Provide a Variety of Fare – If this is a classy event, choose at least two or three options for your guests to choose from.

Food as Fun – Interactive food is fun! A candy bar with scoopers and tongs, and a “goodie bag” to fill, chocolate fountains with fruit skewers, bonfire pits with dogs for roasting, or ice cream sundae stations are all fun ways to keep your guests busy for a few minutes.

Have Lots of Water On-Hand – It is Fresno, after all.

Entertainment– A small band or DJ and portable dance floor can keep your guests busy for hours! For smaller personal parties, games are also a fun way to keep your guests having a blast!

Take Photos – What’s a great event if you don’t capture it? Take photos of your guests in action. You could also set up a photo booth and send your guests a copy of their pictures with your thank-you notes.

Still feeling overwhelmed after reading these tips for hosting a great summer party in Fresno? MSI can help you put together a successful event for your work or special family occasion, including weddings, signature anniversaries and birthdays, fundraisers, corporate events, and more! Give us a call and we’ll help you get started on your next successful summer event!


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