Event Planning and Time Management

event planning and time management

Planning an event takes a lot of energy and organization. Event planning and time management skills go hand-in-hand as you work to prioritize, organize, and control the details surrounding your event. Here are a few tips that may help you … Continued

Corporate Event Planner in Fresno

corporate event planner in fresno

So you’ve been asked to organize your company’s corporate event this year. Where do you start? Finding a corporate event planner in Fresno can seem overwhelming. Many event planners focus on weddings and large holiday events, but when you come … Continued

How to Host a Successful Event on a Budget

Event Management Host Successful Event on Budget

Hosting an event, whether it’s a private party, wedding, or corporate event, you’ve got one shot to make it good. This means that you must be thoughtful about every aspect, from the linens on the table to the planning work. … Continued

Sublimotion – Engage All Five Senses

engage all five senses

Recently, Yahoo! featured an article with the headline, “Dinner at the World’s Most Expensive Restaurant Will Blow Your Mind.” This restaurant happened to be Sublimotion, by Paco Roncero, located at the Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel in Spain, and reading through … Continued

Communication is the Key to Successful Events

Successful events take a dedicated team of well-prepared individuals all working together to create the grand finale event. Good communication between team members and vendors is directly tied to how successful (or poorly) your event is executed. You could have … Continued