How to Draw a Crowd

Christmas Tree Lane How to Draw a Crowd

For decades now, Christmas Tree Lane has been one of Fresno’s most loved holiday traditions, even to the point of closing the roads off to vehicles for two nights so that a massive crowd of people can walk the streets … Continued

Fresno Wedding Coordinator – MSI Events

Fresno Wedding Coordinator

Your wedding is your big day, so you want to be sure to hire the best of the best vendors. Perhaps you’ve already gone to a wedding convention and collected business cards, but how do you know they’re really going … Continued

Corporate Event Planner in Fresno

corporate event planner in fresno

So you’ve been asked to organize your company’s corporate event this year. Where do you start? Finding a corporate event planner in Fresno can seem overwhelming. Many event planners focus on weddings and large holiday events, but when you come … Continued

Tips for a Successful Graduation Party in Fresno

graduation party in fresno

Graduation is a big deal. Whether high school graduation or college graduation, years of hard work, late nights and countless hours of studying have been invested and this milestone deserves to be celebrated. If you’re looking to throw a successful … Continued

Sales Meeting Planner in Fresno

Are you looking for a sales meeting planner in Fresno who can help you motivate and inspire your employees? Do you have new products coming out that you would like to present in an exciting manner to your downline or … Continued