Corporate Event Planner in Fresno

corporate event planner in fresno

So you’ve been asked to organize your company’s corporate event this year. Where do you start? Finding a corporate event planner in Fresno can seem overwhelming. Many event planners focus on weddings and large holiday events, but when you come … Continued

The Best Group Icebreaker

Best Group Icebreaker

In the corporate world, connections and meeting new people and making new friends is an important part of business. If you’re looking for the best group icebreaker activity for your next corporate convention, keep reading. The Best Group Icebreaker? A … Continued

Your Event Planning Team

Event Planning Team

Choosing Your Event Planning Team – Fantasy Football League If you’re one of the millions of Americans who participate in fantasy football each year, you know how important it is to have great players on your team. The more serious … Continued

Get Creative with What You Have

get creative with what you have

With the severe drought in California, many people have learned new ways to “get creative with what you have.” For example, the newest watering laws impose a $45 fine for watering on the wrong days. Many people take pride in … Continued