There is nothing more fun, inspiring and positive than “perfect” wedding events. But, the pressure is on for event planners because the expectations of the happy couple and their families are very high. This means both the wedding and reception must be error-free, fun, memorable and accompanied by at little worry as possible.

Research suggests that stress temporarily damages the hippocampus – part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Under great stress the process of thinking is usually characterized by loss of concentration, inability to perceive new information, hampered short-term memory, lack of initial planning of your actions, hasty decision making.
Source: Thinking and decision making under stress 2010

Because a wedding is so meaningful to our clients it is crucial that all the details are taken care of up to the moment the bride walks down the aisle. With everyone so invested in the festivities coming off without a hitch, tension and anxiety are always just beneath the surface. Our job is to get our hands dirty and handle the details so the betrothed and their wedding party don’t have to worry about them.

Most of today’s wedding ceremonies are conducted in a traditional manner. Whether conducted indoor or outdoor, “traditional” doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to introduce some stylish elements that bring a bit of flair to the proceedings while retaining a strong emotive atmosphere.

Or, do you have a non-traditional wedding ceremony in mind; perhaps something that resembles more of a celebration? These can be great fun with live music, festive decorations, with original and exciting décor and lighting touches. What’s your vision? The only limitations are your imagination and budget.

This same creativity and artfulness should also extend over to the reception, where elements of décor, lighting, sound and decoration can be employed to turn the planner’s vision into a perfect “Wow!” setting for celebrating the couple’s union.

A wedding is one of the most important days in people’s lives, and our uncompromised commitment is to do whatever it takes to ensure the wedding and reception are, well, perfect.

Both parties and wedding events are where people come together to celebrate and have fun. However, compared to a wedding the stress meter typically reads a bit lower when planning for and organizing a party commemorating, e.g. a birthday, retirement, Halloween bash, 30 year reunion or other special event.

MSI has designed dozens of party events and they are all a bit different. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can bring some of our unique ideas and touches to your party or celebration and create a fun, memorable and imaginative event