The average attention span is less than half what it was 10 years ago! It’s shrunk from 12 minutes to just 5 minutes. The problem is worse for younger generations
Source: Moore 11/26/08; Wired 5/24/10

If you have been tasked with planning a live event – let’s say it is a Western US barbershop quartet competition – you have the choice of having each group walk out onto a bare stage, face the audience and begin to sing. This is a serviceable choice but, except for the singing itself, visually boring.

Or, perhaps you are planning a conference production where a series of speakers will impart their knowledge to an audience. Again, you can do this with an essentially bare stage with a lectern, some speakers and a PowerPoint presentation appearing on a screen behind the speaker. This is functionally adequate, but the speakers had better be incredibly dynamic or the audience will fall asleep after lunch (if not before).

The alternative is to present both audiences with an interesting, engaging environment. With some creative design and staging for your barbershop quartets you can amp up the setting and produce an extraordinary and memorable audience experience (duly inspired, the groups will probably sing better, too).

Ditto for the conference. With creative design, appealing décor, inventive lighting to provide some drama, crisp sound and dynamic visuals, the audience will be alert and attentive throughout the day.

Most live events provide tremendous opportunities for creative staging. We have all seen how professional musicians take advantage of this. Examples include Lady Gaga (multiple layers of “Wow!”), Kiss (flash and zoom) and Andreas Bocelli (lush and elegant).

Live event production is an art form and we pride ourselves in offering inventive and creative design ideas, leading edge lighting, sound and visual/video technology, and fanatic attention to detail. Give us a call and let’s talk about your live event and how we can turn it into an unforgettable audience experience.