Once people form a good first impression of a company, they will assume that everything about the company is good, even things they don’t yet know about! By creating a positive first impression, you are helping event attendees become loyal advocates for your company.
Source: Thomas, Daniel, Creating a good first impression, Thomas, Daniel, Caterer & Hotelkeeper, 2010

Fundraising events can vary greatly. Is your fundraising event to raise money for, e.g. a new, $9,500,000 surgical wing for a Shriner’s Children’s Hospital? Or, is it to obtain $9,500 needed to send the local High School team to the State Championship playoffs?

Not surprisingly, how each is approached from the standpoint of event design and production will vary tremendously. The High School fundraiser might have a pot luck dinner, a raffle, a few carnival-like games and a silent auction to reach their funding goal.

The Shriner’s event will be a black-tie affair, attended by philanthropists, a celebrity or two, and civic and business leaders. These individuals will in turn invite their friends and acquaintances to attend the event. Often, but not always, there will be dinner and entertainment in addition to the fundraising message. The audience will expect the staging to be upscale and classy and the food and entertainment, if any, to be of similar high quality.

Typically, fundraising events are produced so they reflect a foundation of serious intent. Especially with high end events, MSI approaches the design with the idea that the final “look” should have substance and purpose. Almost without exception we’ve learned that the event organizer envisions colors and decorations that tend to be more muted and understated, and anything that can be described as flashy, garish and tacky is frowned upon.

In contrast, for the High School fundraiser described above, the event’s planners are seeking to attract and engage a different audience (parents, youngsters and friends; not regional heavy hitters) for a lighter purpose (a baseball game; not corrective surgery for children) and might indeed envision a fun and extroverted experience. Accordingly, MSI may be asked to incorporate over-the-top elements in the design, not only to provide a fun experience for both adults and children, but also as a marketing tool to attract more attendees.

Whatever your event production needs are, the odds are with MSI’s 60+ years of experience we’ve got what it takes to make your fundraising effort a success. Tell us about your event and we’ll have some great ideas for how you can create a winning setting to reach your fundraising goals.