How to Draw a Crowd

Christmas Tree Lane How to Draw a CrowdFor decades now, Christmas Tree Lane has been one of Fresno’s most loved holiday traditions, even to the point of closing the roads off to vehicles for two nights so that a massive crowd of people can walk the streets (and it’s massive). If you stop into the Starbucks in front of Manchester, you often hear about how backed up the streets are just down the way on Shields Ave. and Van Ness. The point is, Christmas Tree Lane is a BIG deal. But move over and make room, because Santa Claus Lane in Clovis is beginning to draw a crowd.

How to Draw a Crowd for Your Event

  1. Good Marketing – Getting the word out about your event is important. In the case of Santa Claus Lane, it started with one neighbor, spread to others, and a Christmas tradition was born. The news picked up on it and word was spread organically, through the news and around social media.
  2. Catchy Event Name – Short, catchy names work great. Santa Claus Lane is short and sweet, not dissimilar to Christmas Tree Lane. It’s also easy to remember.
  3. Do What Works (and then Do it Better) – People like lights. And music. That house at the end of Christmas Tree Lane on Shaw? Lots of lights, lots of movement, music, “snow”, and all the works. The neighbors of Santa Claus Lane got together, took this idea and ran with it. All the houses are hooked up to seven miles of cords and wireless transmitters, and all programmed to “dance” to music on a local radio station. Each minute takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to program, so it’s no small project. A lot of thought, dedication, and passion went into this project. If the additional row of houses ends up joining the lane next year, it will become the largest synchronized neighborhood light show in the world.

How’s that to draw a crowd? If you’re looking to draw a crowd for your next event and need a little help, our team here at MSI can work with you to develop a budget and create an event that is sure to be a hit!


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