Fresno Special Event Planning – Commonly Overlooked List Items

Fresno special event planningThe week of your special event is here. You’re scrambling around to fix the typos on the already printed materials and just remembered you forgot to change the arrival time for the DJ’s arrival to an hour earlier at the request of the venue to provide ample time for sound checks. Fresno special event planning professionals have enough experience to prevent most of these, but if you’re a first time event planner, here’s a list of the 5 most commonly overlooked list items when planning your special event:

5 Commonly Overlooked List Items –Fresno Special Event Planning

  1. Uninviting Murphy – When you don’t have a backup plan, you’re looking for trouble. Anything from equipment fails to no-shows/late-shows can be quite embarrassing unless you have a backup plan in place. Your event should run seamlessly even in the event that something doesn’t go quite right. Revoke Murphy’s invitation by having a backup plan in place.
  2. Not having enough staff – Plan for extra help on the day of your event because there’s almost always no-shows, late-shows, or just more to do than expected.
  3. Plan a few extra meals if serving a meal – Unfortunately there are still people who don’t follow event etiquette with an RSVP, or perhaps their RSVP was lost in the mail. Either way, it’s better to have a few extra meals prepared for overages.
  4. Room in the budget – There are almost always unforeseen expenses, especially for unseasoned event planners.
  5. Becoming familiar with the venue prior to your event – Scrambling to find power outlets or other venue-related resources last minute can cause undue stress and it’s waste of valuable time.

If you’re looking to avoid overlooked items for your Fresno special event planning and are ready to recruit help, contact us at MSI Events to see how we can save you the extra stress.

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