Event Planning and Time Management

event planning and time managementPlanning an event takes a lot of energy and organization. Event planning and time management skills go hand-in-hand as you work to prioritize, organize, and control the details surrounding your event. Here are a few tips that may help you with event planning and time management:

Event Planning and Time Management Tip

  • Set Priorities – Make a list of everything that you’d like to accomplish for your upcoming event. Once you have that list, organize it into categories:
  1. Urgent/Important – Do these first
  2. Urgent/Less Important – Delegate these tasks
  3. Less Urgent/Important – Schedule these tasks
  4. Less Urgent/Less Important – Don’t do these or save these for only if you have extra time
  • Keep a Notepad or Notebook – If something comes to mind that needs done, jot it down so you can concentrate on your task at-hand. If something will take you less than 2 minutes to complete, just do it now.


  • Eat, Sleep and Exercise – When you dedicate time to take care of yourself, you’ll function more efficiently and make less mistakes which could cost you time in trying to fix later.


  • Get up in the Morning, Every Morning – You’ll be better productive throughout the day if you get up earlier in the day, every day, and then go to bed at a reasonable hour at night.


  • Learn to say “No” – Setting boundaries will help keep you from getting overloaded and over stressed. This can include some personal boundaries too, like reserving social media for breaks only.

Event planning and time management takes some practice, but putting some of these tips into practice can help you be a better project manager or team member.

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  1. Mary

    Event planning includes so much time and effort, even when it comes to finding a venue, and setting up lighting and AV for the event. Its best to get started early and identify what equipment you’ll need to rent so you can start work with a provider as soon as possible. Thanks for your great advice!


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