Don’t Let it Be the End of the World – Event Planning Tips to Avoid a Disaster

Event Planning Tips to Avoid a DisasterWe’re not talking about the end of the world in the next 1,000 years as predicted by theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, though that’s quite an interesting theory for another venue of discussing. We’re talking about avoiding a disaster planning your next big event, because let’s face it, if things don’t go right, it will likely feel like the end of the world as you know it (and you probably won’t feel fine.) Here are some event planning tips to avoid a disaster:

Event Planning Tips to Avoid a Disaster

  1. Overestimate Your Budget – Do you research but plan on some extra expenses you didn’t expect. (“Host a Successful Event on a Budget”)
  2. Always Plan for Backups – Equipment backups, speaker backups, backup plans for everything. It’s unlikely that there won’t be any hiccups for your event, so plan accordingly. You never know where Murphy will show up. (See “Uninviting Murphy”)
  3. Establish priorities – Work on the most important items first to make sure those get addressed.
  4. Compile a great team – Don’t try to do this by yourself. Surround yourself with several reliable team members and take advantage of each person’s talent. Recognize areas where others excel more than you do and allow them to lead in those areas.
  5. Consider all possibilities with the weather when booking your venue.
  6. Secure vendors early – Many vendors are booked months in advance.

Don’t be left singing karaoke with R.E.M.


If these event planning tips to avoid a disaster seem overwhelming, consider that there’s a lot that goes into executing big events. If you’re looking for less stress with your event planning project, consider hiring a professional event planner. Professional event planners can save you stress and help keep you on budget.

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