Economic analysis shows that companies that slash their marketing budget during a recession suffer the effects in terms of sales for another three to four years. Businesses that cut costs faster and deeper than competitors have only a 21% probability of pulling ahead of the competition when times get better.
Source: Harvard Business Review, Roaring Out of Recession, March 2010, Young & Rubicam Group

Of all the different types of corporate meetings, sales meetings can be the most varied in terms of how they are produced.

Is the goal to motivate and energize the sales force? If so, the event’s design will emphasize creating a dramatic environment that is punctuated with lively sound, impactful visuals and stunning lighting.

Or, is the purpose of the event to, e.g. introduce a new product line to the sales team, educate them to its engineering/technical advantages, reveal the pricing structure and then present the sales materials and methodology? If so, the event’s design will emphasize creating an environment to effectively transfer knowledge to the audience, but do so with some flair (the audience is, after all, comprised of sales people who appreciate a bit more exuberance than is typically built into meetings for, say, nuclear engineers or librarians). To achieve that goal, the décor, sound, visuals and lighting will have much less zoom and a great deal more functionality.

For your sales-related event to be successful, MSI is careful to be absolutely sure we understand the event’s purpose from the perspective of the corporation’s sales management and also exactly how the event planner envisions the meeting’s staging and environment.

With that information, our design personnel can decide how best to create an environment that compliments the meeting’s objectives.

Well-produced sales meetings are an opportunity to bring marketing, technical and thought leaders together for face-to-face interaction with the sales team. This has the potential to dramatically improve sales performance because the sales force will go out into the field with both the motivation and enhanced product knowledge necessary to close additional business.

Creating successful sales meetings is a challenge MSI enjoys. Please tell us about your event and we’ll give you some ideas about how we think it can become a huge success.