Cents and Scents-ability – Best Scents for Your Event

One of the more overlooked aspects of creating the right atmosphere at your event might be right under your nose. Your olfactory bulb in the brain is part of your limbic system which affects both our memories and our mood. Not dissimilar to music, smells can also be used as a powerful tool to evoke an emotion or create an atmosphere at your event. Choosing the best scents for your event can boost your success.

Best Scents for Your Event – How Does This Work?

The best scents for your event will depend a lot on the purpose of your event. For example, realtors have long known that if a seller bakes cookies before a showing or open house, potential buyers are more likely to imagine the home as being their own. Why? Because the smell of baked goods was likely connected to a memory of a warm, inviting home when they were growing up.

How Do You Choose the Best Scents for Your Event?

Consider the purpose of your event. Do you want people to feel relaxed? Excited? Alert? Spend more money? Some event venues may already have this built in. Outdoor wedding venues, for example, may have blossoming jasmine or rose gardens throughout. A luncheon hosted at a tea house will naturally have the smell of freshly baked scones and brewed coffee.

Where Do I Start?

If you’re looking to tap into using scents or aromatherapy to influence the atmosphere at your event, you must first identify what kind of an environment you’re hoping to make. Once you have that, a simple google search can land you with some ideas on the best scents for your event, some of which might surprise you!

Looking for other ways to influence the atmosphere at your Fresno special event? Give the experts at MSI a call; we’re ready to help!

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