People have a very small amount of bandwidth for processing auditory input, which is why we move away from noise that irritates us very quickly. The more low end, crisp audio you can get into the event atmosphere — the more people will enjoy it and the longer they will stay. Quality sound is essential to keep attendees from leaving your event!
Source: Powell, Nathan, The audio zone, Powell, Nathan, Sound & Video Contractor, 2012, Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us, TED OCT 2009

Many entities have personnel on staff with the knowledge to handle the audio needs for their organization’s meetings and events. However, it isn’t cost effective for the organization to purchase all the up to date audio equipment that might be needed someday. That’s why MSI offers sound system rental services.

Whether you need to solve the audio needs for a speaker’s panel, an outdoor party or large ballroom event we have what you need.

Every requirement is different, and MSI has the inventory and flexibility to tailor a rental solution that is just right for your event. For example, if you can handle the setup, we can simply rent you the equipment. Or, we can add in delivery and setup … whatever you need.

What’s available? We can begin with speakers. We have many choices so that whether your event is in a small or large venue; indoor or out, we have the sizes you need. They can range from small, powered speakers to huge banks of line array speakers suitable for an audience of 10,000. Of course, we have microphones to work with the speakers. These include wired, wireless and lapel microphones; all fully compatible with today’s digital equipment.

Whether your group is a small sales meeting, a medium size group of 35 in a conference room or outdoor setting, or a corporate function with 3000 or more people in a large, concert-like venue, MSI has what you need.

When your event will be including amplified sound, e.g. an awards presentation where there are both spoken presentations plus live music, we recommend that our experts select and arrange the speakers so that everyone in the audience can experience clear, crisp sound.

Give us a call and tell us about your sound and lighting needs. We have the solution.