Unplanned lighting can negatively impact the impression and mood of attendees! A change in brightness that is unrelated to anything important in the visual scene creates a lack of coherence. As you change the lighting stimulus, you produce changes in the human response in terms of the impressions that are reinforced.
Source: Davis, Cognitive and emotional responses to lighting, 2013

The set, the performers and the lighting are the three primary legs of virtually every stage or theatre production. There is far more to theatrical lighting than simply a means to illuminate what is occurring on stage.

MSI has the knowledge and experience to design the lighting for your theatre production. Whether it’s a dance, a play, music or other form of theatre event, we bring creativity and an artist’s eye to the challenge.

Just like the performance itself, theatre lighting has a plot, sequence and pacing. Add to this colors, a range of effects achieved by employing various types of lighting , gobos (cut outs that project a desired shape on to a surface … think of the Batman visual projected upon clouds as an example), as well as specialized equipment and techniques and the options available to the lighting designer are almost without limit.

After consulting with the director and scenic designer we will observe one or more rehearsals and then begin creating the lighting plot and sequence or schedule. A list of needed equipment is then put together and where each element will be located is added to a plan view of the theatre.

When finalized, the lighting control console or other means to regulate the lighting is connected to all the lighting elements and thoroughly tested in advance. The lighting operators will rehearse along with the cast as opening night approaches and any changes made to ensure the lighting compliments the on-stage performance. Final rehearsals ensure there are no surprises when the curtain rises for the first time.

If you are contemplating a theatre production please give us a call. We look forward to contributing our efforts to make your performance a smash.