When first seeing the site of your upcoming event, the lighting designer treats the ceilings and walls just like an artist would view a blank canvas. But instead of paint, the designer will creatively apply light to achieve the visual masterpiece to complement your event.

Of all the choices available, LED uplighting is potentially the most impactful because of its design flexibility. For example, it can be programmed to change colors and/or intensity in a choreographed sequence that enhances each segment of your event.

Wedding uplighting allows the designer to create dynamic and powerful effects that can enhance each of the ceremony’s stages: a bright, welcoming environment as people assemble, an intimate and focused surrounding for the ceremony itself, and a luminous and joyful surrounding as the newly married couple exit the scene. Then, in the reception, brilliant effects can be created specifically for each phase as people gather, eat, drink and socialize, offer speeches and toasts and, finally, hit the dance floor.

Done right, the equipment used to create well designed uplighting is virtually invisible. The LED uplights are tiny in comparison to incandescent lighting and there are few, if any power and control cables. These features allow the lighting to be unobtrusively and harmoniously incorporated into any event’s theme and setting.

Inspired UplightingWhen creatively combined with additional lighting options such as spotlights, under table illumination, hanging lanterns, projections, chandeliers, Market Lights and others, uplighting provides the perfect backdrop.

Whether it is a wedding in Fresno, a retirement party in Sacramento a sales meeting in Bakersfield or a corporate event in Monterey, give us a call and together we’ll imagine how inspired LED uplighting can be the key to a perfect setting for your event.