Colors alone influence up to 90% of the first impression of a person or product based on a consumer’s associations. By carefully planning the lighting design at the next event, you can ensure the emotions and impressions of attendees are positive.
Source: Davis, Cognitive and emotional responses to lighting, 2013

Creative event lighting design is the cornerstone of dramatic and impactful staging. Get it right, and the “look” is fantastic … just perfect for the occasion. And, by way of a 10 second commercial, we have over 60 years of experience of creating incredibly innovative and captivating lighting solutions.

People tend to think of lighting in ordinary terms; simply illuminating an area. But, the possibilities are much, much greater.

Begin with colors; the choices are amazingly broad. And, as just one example, did you know that your organization’s logo can be projected on to a wall or screen for the duration of your event? Or, that by using strings of lights over a dance floor, dining tables or an outdoor area you can create just the right mood for that environment? How about tents? The semi-transparent nature of canvas coupled with creative lighting can produce incredibly impressive effects.

Wrapping trees or columns with strings of mini lights can change the feel of an area, as can outlining paths, walkways or even railings. The only limitation is the imagination. .

21st Century LED technology allows us to utilize color-changing lights. Projected upward on to the walls of the ballroom, tent or other vertical surface, the mood can be changed in an instant. For example, when someone is addressing the audience the lighting can be designed to permit everyone to clearly see the speaker, but later, when people relax and head out on to the dance floor, the look can be much more soothing and muted.

Flood lights, spots, area lights, LEDs, canopy lighting, table lights, projecting lights, café style bulbs in lanterns, all manner of colors and effects … the options are practically endless.

Give us a call about your event. We can give you some ideas about how lighting magic can transform the ordinary to extraordinary.