Event design is a phrase that includes all aspects of what the audience is going to see. Using the analogy of a theatre or stage production, event and set design “create the scene.” This embraces initial layout and construction, props specific to the production, costumes, lighting and sound.

Major event organizers continue to raise the bar with each event more spectacular than the last. The expectations of event attendees are higher than ever. Events without a wow factor will adversely reflect on the company sponsoring the event!
Source: Volsteedt, John, Great expectations, Volsteedt, John, Successful Meetings, 2011

When you work with MSI you will quickly realize that we spend whatever time it takes to ensure we clearly understand your vision for the event. Continuing with the stage production analogy, we’ll talk with the play’s director, set designer, and the event planner to ensure we’re all of the same mind. Beyond just understanding the visual “feel” you are seeking, we want to understand the event’s purpose and desired messaging so we can introduce dynamic staging, sound and visual elements that will faithfully communicate your vision and captivate your audience.

The same elements are in play for your event. Beginning with your vision and the physical characteristics of the venue, our designers conceptualize how they can create a “stage” where visual elements can be creatively applied to not only support your event’s content and values, but also to install one or more “Wow!” elements that will entrance your attendees without exceeding your budget.

Once the design is finalized, we begin translating it into reality. The designer works with the lighting and sound personnel and also coordinates with the in-event people who will be operating the lights, choreographing sound/music and video as called for by the event’s program.

Sometimes special, one-off elements must be created to get the right “look” the event planner is seeking. A memorable example is the 55 foot chandelier with 1000 hanging crystals we created for Tina Moran of Oh So Swank for a large corporate event in Fresno, CA. She described the finished product as “breathtaking.” You’ll have the same reaction when you see what we can do for your event.