What other outcome could there be when an executive from the environmental sciences field (that’s Morgan) and a director in a regional audio-visual company (that’s Vinnie) take a walk on the beach in Monterey in 2003? Friends since the 7th grade, Morgan was in town to see Vinnie’s newborn son so, of course, during their walk they decided to quit their jobs and form the events production company that became MSI.

A mutual interest in sound, music and electronics, blended with Vinnie’s technical skills, Morgan’s entrepreneurial talent, a single projector and sound system and a lot of energy made MSI an immediate success.

Business quickly outstripped what Morgan and Vinnie could handle so in 2004 they added their first key employee. Enter Shaun. He brought a wealth of experience in handling all aspects of stage work for concerts and theatrical productions and provides exceptional expertise in all things related to lighting, audio and rigging.
Prosperity led to more and bigger clients and events, and in 2008 the search began for someone with exceptional technical and project management skills to join the team.

Enter Bill in 2009. His journey to MSI began in Casablanca, Morocco, traveled through Hawaii and eventually to California. Expert in all things audio-visual, a partial list of Bill’s clients have included movies (Black Widow with Debra Winger and Dennis Hopper), TV (Food Network’s Live! Tour, Fox Network’s Major League Baseball Preview Party), politicians (Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Grey Davis, John McCain) and large events (Miss California, Safeway national tour).
For the first 10 years Morgan, Vinnie and Bill were MSI’s de facto marketing department. But with MSI’s continued growth and larger clients (e.g. weddings with 800+ guests, conferences/conventions with 3500 attendees) the time demands were simply too much. The decision was made that MSI needed professional marketing and sales capability and the search began for the right person … someone with proven promotional skills and relevant technical knowledge.

Enter Steven in 2013. During the 18 years prior to becoming MSI’s Director of Sales and Marketing, he had several increasingly responsible sales roles in the wireless industry. The last 15 were with AT&T culminating with Steven’s appointment as the Regional Sales Director for B to B sales. His sophisticated understanding of wireless technology directly correlates with MSI’s leading edge audio-visual capability, and explains how he is grasping the technical side of event production so rapidly. Couple this with his strong commitment to excellent customer service, and you can understand why we believe that giving Steven a call about your next event is a win-win for both of us.

To succeed in the event production arena there are two overriding “musts.” One is the quality and reliability of the technical aspects … the most obvious of those being stage lighting, sound and visuals. The second is creativity … all event organizers want their occasion to be special and memorable. We have grown and prospered because Morgan, Vinnie, Shaun, Bill, Steven and the whole MSI production team consistently deliver these two musts.

Give any one of us a call. We’re really interested in talking with you about your upcoming event.